Greenway Properties

Why Green Real Estate?

Because it makes sense

Green your real estate investment; when you consider that electricity, propane or natural gas aren’t getting cheaper, water isn’t getting any more abundant, it makes sense to have the most efficient or “green” home that you can possibly have. As a green real estate brokerage we are here to help you get there.

Because we care about your health and the health of your family

Traditional building materials off gas many toxic chemicals that can cause anything from allergy symptoms to cancer. Urea formaldehyde in pressed wood products and PBDE’s in carpeting which may cause damage to thyroid, immune system and brain development functions in humans. While we can’t guarantee we can find you a home devoid of toxic chemicals we can make sure you are aware of their presence and teach you ways to minimize their effects and recommend products to replace them that will be free of those toxic elements.

Because we care about our community

The more we educate our clients and our community about ways to make their homes more energy efficient, water efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly the stronger and more sustainably our community will be.

Because we want our business to represent our values

Greenway Properties is a part of the Placerville community and a representation of who I am. As such I want the company to reflect my values and be as efficient and sustainable as possible. It makes sense to use as little paper as possible, to transmit all inter office communication digitally, to use recycled office products and to have our agents working from their homes. Our virtual office eliminates the duplication of resources in a traditional office and eliminates the negative effects of commuting.


For more information about green, visit our Green Resources page