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School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

What is it?

A SARC is an overview of an individual school site. The report provides details about the school from its mission/ vision, student population and performance data to information about staffing. The SARC is a document where you can find a LOT of important information about a school in one place.

What information is found on the SARC?

There are many different areas on the SARC including: school demographic break down, enrollment; both total and by grade, student to teacher ratio, the school’s mission and vision, the performance on state testing, graduation rate, teacher credentials, and the curriculum used at the school. This is the majority of the information but the report has more information. It sounds like a lot BUT it is a summary and written in an easy to read format.

What should you look for on the SARC?

There is a ton of information on the SARC and, while not as overwhelming as some data sources, it can be a little confusing at first glance. Let your goals, and how your student learns, be a guide for what information is important to you. The types of facilities or improvemant may not be important to you while other information about student retention and requirements may be. Depending on the grade level you are interested in you can find out the percentage of students meeting all requirements to enter a UC school, you can find out the number of students meeting the states graduation requirements, the dropout rate, the number of AP classes offered and in what subjects. Simply scroll through the report and pull the information you are most interested in. There are two important criteria that may not be so self explanatory, the API and AYP scores…

Where can you find the SARC?

As required by Prop. 98 all schools prepare and post a yearly report card. All districts post them in different ways but typically, the SARC can be found on the district website, the county website and often on the school’s website. If all else fails, or for more information about the SARC, you can also go to the California Department of Education