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King Fire Pyrocumulus Sunset Time Lapse Video

September 19, 2014

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King Fire Pyrocumulus Sunset Time Lapse Video:


The wind has shifted and the smoke has taken over Placerville today. It’s very post apocalyptic looking out there right now. Check out this great time lapse video of the Pyrocumulus cloud from Vimeo. For those not familiar with the term “Pyrocumulus” as I wasn’t until a few days ago it is:


A pyrocumulus, or fire cloud, is a dense cumuliform cloud associated with fire or volcanic activity. A pyrocumulus is similar dynamically in some ways to a firestorm, and the two phenomena may occur in conjunction with each other. You can check out the Wiki here:


Here is the time lapse video:



King Fire Pyrocumulus Sunset from Brandon Manning on Vimeo.

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