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About Greenway Properties

Welcome to Greenway Properties; your real estate guide to buying or selling a home in Placerville, The Sierra Foothills and the greater Sacramento Area.

Greenway Properties is a residential real estate brokerage run by me, Rich Curtis. Prior to entering real estate in 2005 I spent a decade working as a whitewater raft guide, mountain guide and environmental consultant.

My specialty is guiding people through new and challenging experiences for them so that we end with growth and exciting outcomes.Buying or selling your home is one of those experiences and I am happy to have the opportunity to guide you through it.

My company Greenway Properties is a green business and I add value to every home purchase by showing my clients ways to make their home more energy efficient, water efficient, healthier and environmentally friendly. We are working towards the paperless transaction, have eliminated all inter office paper work and print only on recycled paper. We live our values through our business and strive to run things as sustainably as possible.

I believe in triple bottom line business and for me that tripple bottom line is my clients, my community and my planet. I am dedicated to re-imagining the role of the residential real estate brokerage as not just a transactional entity but a community hub. I help people find their dream home while preserving the plant and use a portion of the proceeds to give back to the Placerville community.

I am excited and pleased that you have taken the time to learn about us here on the web and take this important first step towards your new home.

I look forward to helping you find your dream home in the foothills!

Rich Curtis


Greenway Properties